Membership FAQ's
1. What is the term for membership?
The term for membership is one year.

2. How long does the approval process take?
Once you have submitted your application for membership, you will receive confirmation of approval status within 2 – 4 weeks with the instructions to make payment.

3. What happens if my membership application is not approved?
If your application is not approved, then you will receive notification with reason for the same.

4. When does my membership take effect, if my application is approved?
Your membership is in effect from the date payment was received. 

5. How can I complete my membership application?
· We will make it an online application soon, Until then you can call or email +91 9177302770 or
Otherwise you can schedule an appointment and visit our Office in Vijayawada.

6. What methods of payment do you take?
We accept credit card, debit cards and cheques only.

7. Can I pay with cash?
No, we don’t accept cash for membership payments.

8. How can I expedite my application for membership?
Normally, an application takes 2 – 4 weeks to process.

9. Can I become a lifetime member?
At this time, we’re not providing that option.

10.What are the benefits of membership as a Consumer?
  Consumers enjoy these benefits:
·Members will get an additional discount of 5% on total purchase, maximum discount capped to 200/- per month. (Applicable to all items except real milk purchased on monthly subscription)
· Members are given a free access to visit our Organic farms with prior appointment.
· Members can earn 200/- for each successful referral, Maximum referral bonus capped to 2000/- per year. Referral bonus will be credited to your Real Milk account as soon as your referee makes first time purchase from This referral amount credited to your Real Milk account can be used only to purchase more of our organic food.
· 10% of company net profit will be distributed to our active members directly proportional to their volume of valid purchases made during that financial year, the amount will be credited to your account which can be used for subsequent purchases. (As example, if company makes 10 lakhs profit in a year, 10% of that amount 01 lakh will be distributed to active members, in proportion to their valid purchase made in that financial year). This share of company profit amount credited to your Real Milk account can be used only to purchase more of our organic food. RealMilk company shall apply discretion for all purposes.
· Members will have an option to opt for Organic Fruits/Vegetables for fixed price throughout the year. This will insulate the members from market price fluctuations.  
           Organic products have many benefits for consumers, such as:
· Organic food contains fewer harmful hormones and pesticides than conventional food.
· Organic production helps conserve and protect water.
· Organic agriculture reduces carbon dioxide and helps slow climate change.
· Organic farming helps combat serious soil problems, such as erosion. Erosion doesn't sound like a consumer issue for some, but it truly affects the planet,           causing problems for the land, food supply, and humans.
· An additional volunteer opportunity to promote Organic/Natural food grown by our member farmers.
                         ---With Your support we can make Organic Food affordable and available for all.

11 What are the benefits of membership as a Farmer?
  Farmers enjoy these benefits:
· Unlimited consultation/assistance from co-farmers and designated farm consultants on Organic/Natural farming practices and precision agriculture.
· Providing market accessibility.
· Assistance in buying best seeds and farm machinery and many more..
· People those are interested in Organic/Natural farming can be a member, for their own benefit and peace of mind.

12.What is the price of membership renewal ?
The membership renewal fee remains same for now. We shall conduct annual review of the membership renewal fees and inform accordingly.