Innovative program seeks to match NRI landowners with people who will lease their land for Organic Farming

 70 percent of the NRI landowners are struggling to make use of their agricultural land and hence keeping it idle.
 For 50 percent of the young entrepreneurial farmers, the high cost of land is seen as a barrier to getting started and create a business track record.

What is the Land4Lease?
Real Milk Land4Lease is a pilot project connecting landowners wanting to better utilize their farmland and those seeking land to start or expand a farm enterprise. The Real Milk FarmAssist Team newest service collects and provides contact information for landowners and prospective farmers so the two parties can enter into creative dialogue to develop productive farming operations

Why is it needed?
For young entrepreneurial farmers like me, the high cost of land is seen as a barrier to getting started. Connecting new farmers with landowners may provide an entry level alternative while providing a way to establish a sustainable track record. For landowners, connecting with land seekers provides them with the opportunity to improve land utilization, increase the value of their farm land and/or provide an income stream.

What activities are covered?
The relationship between land owners and land seekers can span a wide range of opportunities as long as it is agriculture related. It could be as simple as connecting house owners with a tenant or making a portion of underutilised land available to a new farmer that wants to test out his or her agriculture idea. It could also be something more complex, such as the creating profit sharing farm enterprise over an extended period of time.

How to enrol in this service?
Interested landowners and land seekers can register with us by e-mailing: or by calling +91 9177302770

Educating young farmers( Assigning a Mentor)
We educate by providing informational, resource planning & market demand analysis for farm produce. We deliver workshops, training programs on Organic farming, farmland accessibility, affordability, lease or purchase, and related topics.

Consulting (Hand-holding throughout crop life-cycle
We advise farm seekers on land acquisition by providing coaching, technical assistance and ongoing support. We help them get ready, plan and search for and assess farm properties like soil condition, irrigation water and road accessibility. We assist in developing good leases and other tenure agreements, and managing relationships with landowners.

We innovate by researching and promoting new approaches, methods and policies that improve farmland access, affordability and security. And we strengthen the delivery and coordination of services for farm seekers throughout crop life cycle.

Who benefits
· Gain access to farmland that is appropriate, affordable and secure
· Are informed, prepared and empowered to make sound land acquisition choices
· Obtain resources and support to find and assess farm properties
· Make good lease and other tenure agreements

Service providers
· Can respond better to the needs of farm seekers
· Have new tools and methods to promote farming opportunity

Food Consumers
· Actively support farmers to access locally produced Organic Vegetables, Fruits & Milk & Millet's
· Create more secure farming opportunities
· Have a greater awareness about local pride farmers