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About Us
We at REAL MILK believe in bringing convenience & confidence to consumer purchasing Real Organic food in best possible way. Customer wants to get their needs fulfilled in best possible way and "Farmer-to-Consumer(FtC)" model is the best way to serve them. To meet this demand, We are building India's first "Farmer-to-Consumer" online retail ecosystem from ground up.
Why Us
Buy Fresh Directly from Farmer
Why to buy from middlemen when you can buy from farmer at a cheaper price? We connect you with Organic Farmers who respect your health, animals and the planet.
Best Prices & Offers
We guarantee best quality and prices than any other supermarket. We take pride in growing and offering you only the best of organic produce.
On Time Delivery
Sit back and relax once you've placed an order with us; we've got you covered.
Assured Quality
Assured High Quality - Our Fruits & Vegetables are harvested only when fully mature, cut when naturally ripe and then delivered fresh from harvest.